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BLOG WRITING COMPETITION – by Lex Bona Fide – Law Journal (ISSN: 2582-7952)


LBLJ (Lex Bona Fide Law Journal) (ISSN: 2582-7952) is an online platform for Students, Teachers, and Scholars to express their views on various contemporary legal issues. It is open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal dedicated to express views on topical legal issues, thereby generating a cross-current of ideas on emerging matters. It is an authentic source that assesses the implications of legal developments, ensuring that our readers are kept fully informed of the threats and opportunities that arise from every significant change in the law.

We produce scholarly journals devoted to specific substantive areas of the law and to various approaches to examining legal developments. These publications offer invaluable practical experience in legal writing, editing, and scholarship.


All law students, academicians, and practicing lawyers are invited to participate.

Important Dates

Last date of registration for the Competition April 15th, 2021
Last date for submission of the Blog April 20th, 2021
Declaration of ResultsApril 25th, 2021

Submission Guidelines

  • Word limit: Minimum 1000 words. Maximum 2000 words.
  • Apart from single authorship, co-authorship is allowed for up to 2 authors.
  • The topic of the blog should be any topic related to law.
  • Plagiarism is prohibited. Authors should ensure that they are submitting their original work.
  • All submissions must be made in .doc or .docx format of MS Word.
  • Please email us your blogs at submissions@lexbonafide.com. The subject of the mail should be “Blog Competition: Submission by <name(s)>” ( Blog Competition: Submission by Ram Tiwari).
  • In the body of the email, please mention the following details of the author(s):
    Name of the University/WorkPlace
    Year of study
    Title of the Blog
    Phone number (Whatsapp and Calling).

Judgment Criteria

  • The novelty of topic – The ideas must be original and not merely a paraphrasing of any existing articles/blogs.
  • Language and Grammar –
    1. Easily comprehensible language should be used while avoiding any grammatical errors like punctuation and spelling errors.
    2. Effective Expression: Sentences should be short and crisp delivering effective expression in the least number of words.
    3. Cohesive blog structure: The idea must flow in an organized chain of thought.
  • An interactive piece of writing using relevant keywords – The blog article must be interactive in nature to hold the reader’s attention. An attempt must be made to use keywords that are generally used on Search Engines by users. Here’s a guide that might help you in optimizing keyword usage.
  • Adherence to submission guidelines

****Prize Pool is Worth Rs. 1500 Cash Prize + Free Publication in Lex Bona Fide – Law Journal (ISSN: 2582-7952). + Certificate.****


Registration Details

  •  Fee: INR 150/- per Author.
  •  Registration Link :- CLICK HERE



Email us at support@lexbonafide.com

Whatsapp: 9109095386